Laurie Ledfoot

Chick Drummer since 1988

 Looking for Gigs! Next gig:  March 9, 2007 Token Lounge tell 'em you're w/POKERFACE and March 22, 2007 Emerald Theatre -- buy tix @ ticketmaster or from

visit myspace! (zildjianette)

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<Click Here for 2003 AVI Video snippet of drumming takes  a min to download >

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Jan 2004

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Nov 2004

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(ps: always looking for other female musicians too for all female band, please email or call, refer your friends! Especially bass... but vocs, guitar, etc too..)

. Like ALL TYPES of music.
Jazz, Rock, Blues, Funk, Motown, Oldies. Chick tunes like Garbage, No doubt,
Fleetwood Mac, Heavy Rock, like Disturbed, Godsmack, Rage Against
Machine, classic, zepp, floyd, rush, yes. Love funky danceable
tunes. Favorite band is an already working cover or original band, as the drummer, 2nd drummer, perc, or backup for gigs, look for a songlist posted soon of the tunes I know, wide range of 93.9, 89x, 106.7, & WRIF tunes. :)  Played with Spark!, Secret Pocket, DTFL, POKER FACE, Rich King band, Jeff Maylin, Gratiot Avenue and ??

DETROIT Original bands want to get on internet radio??, email download link to your material (you must be the owner), or  mail a CD to:

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