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Technology is the nature of our business

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Multimedia Design

PC Computer Lessons and Repair

Printed Circuit Board Design & Layout, Schematic Entry

Corporate Image, Website Design, Maintenance, Hosting

Software Validation


Corporate Image, Website Design, Maintenance, Hosting, Technology Consulting:

Since 1998, Foxxcomm Inc. has provided consulting and services for corporate image, website design, maintenance and hosting for individuals and companies such as: fallen angel band, kathleen sanchez, stuart brickner, kathleen blessing, orchard lake road cruise, jeff maylin, prolifics, DTFL, soulful illuminations, star1 communications and check corporation.  Programming is available in asp, java, php, html, perl, etc.

Please email directly if you would like a quote.  Generally the hourly rate is $50/hr however, quotes are available on a per job basis also.

email:  for a quote or appointment to discuss your design needs.

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FOXXCOMM INC. Our networks will put you in the spotlight!
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